Begh Begh! Polina Kasapova (Polina Clarke)

Thank you for visiting my website, first of all let me introduce myself and tell you what this project is all about.

My name is Polina Clarke (Kasapova) and I am living and working in Ireland since 2005. I grew up in what is now Latvia but I'm proud to say my roots are entirely Russian.

This website is dedicated to my desire to share my vision of the world through photography. The world is a dynamic place, always in a constant state of change. But I've tried to capture some of its beauty 'on film' and this is what I'm hoping to show here. My desire for photography grew so big that I decided to quit my job, went back to college to study photography and opened my photography studio (Temple Photography Studio). And here I am...

The website itself is divided into several sections. The first section is dedicated to Ireland. It's a country that never stops surpising me. I am constantly impressed by its beautiful landscapes, age old traditions, rich flora and fauna, unique architectural heritage and of course its friendliness.

I've dedicated section two to the photographs I took whilst travelling to other countries. Travelling is the most enjoyable thing I can think of. Nothing beats that feeling of exploration, meeting different people and experiencing different cultures, trying out new food and discovering different traditions. I believe travelling can radically alter your perception of the world and even teach you things about yourself you never once knew.

The third section is entitled 'Projects'. As I visited different places some common themes kept cropping up so I put them all together in one section. Buildings, Birds, People, Cars....even my Sphynx cat Arturik....enjoy!

The final section is a collection of my favourite photos. I don't pretend to produce the most technically perfect shots although I hope my photography skills will improve with time.

The concept of this website is to share the images and impressions I have of Ireland and the other places I have visited. I plan to update it continuosuly so please come back again.


I value your thoughts, opinions and questions. Sign the Guestbook or send an email: thingsarelikethis@gmail.com